Evolution LTE Plans

More options to choose from

Evolution LTE Plans

Each Evolution
service plan offers 4G LTE speeds and unlimited internet that work off existing major carrier cellular towers.

Pink Plan
Blue Plan
Red Plan

So, how much data do I need?

This will depend on your needs or your lifestyle, let’s look at some average data usage over some of our popular pass times:

Basic Web Browsing – 30MB/hour

Social Media – 200MB/hour

Video Streaming – 700MB(SD), 2GB(HD)

Online Gaming – 20MB/hour

App Download – 60MB

Video Chat – 200MB/hour

All Evolution LTE plans require SIM card, LTE Router, and Service Activation. Fees may apply. Data Refreshes on the 2nd of each month. All plans purchased after the 2nd, will be prorated the first month. We offer a 14 Day Trial Period on all our devices. If you’re not satisfied, return the product for a refund, less shipping and processing. All Plans are subject to the carriers Use & Abuse Policies

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